Context and overview

Synergy and Leverage Consulting specializes in empowering organizational change efforts by unleashing potential, establishing collaboration and inspiring innovation. We provide clarity and pathways for collaborative action in the design, application and execution of visionary initiatives. We work best where visionary leadership is present and the goals and objectives are ambitious.

We facilitate a shift from traditional models of organizational realities, disciplines and practices to thriving models for all levels of the enterprise. Establishing communication channels and collaboration between groups within the organization provides greater appreciation for the interdependent functions. This displaces the traditional them/us relationships and initiatives are no longer limited to right/wrong points of view. Alignment on what will move the initiatives forward and getting into action become more important than having another meeting to talk about what can be agreed upon.

With our customized approach we bring what is needed to move the organization forward while establishing new ways of working and thinking that become the foundation for ongoing expansion and growth. The art of leading change is transferred organically and becomes a core competency of the workforce.

Working with intact and newly formed groups and teams that are critical for the success of the organizational initiatives is where the magic begins.

We offer Mission Critical Leadership Sessions for the executives charged with the design phase of new initiatives. Alignment by Design for management level groups charged with the application phase and Breakthrough Project Workshops for management and supervisory level groups charged with the execution phase. Our delivery style is one of engagement with real life, real time issues and immediate application of our methodology to produce measurable results. Sessions and workshops are conducted in two or three day formats based on the size of the group and the scope of what is to be accomplished. Depending on the needs of the organization we can offer our work as part of a larger coordinated effort or as intervention sessions to get things back on track with existing work projects.

Overview of Offerings

All of our sessions and workshops include the delivery of key foundation distinctions.

  • Scale - Distinct/Not Separate
  • Alignment/Agreement
  • The Domains of Language - Descriptive/Creative
  • The DNA of Action and Results


Mission Critical Leadership Sessions (Design Level)

  • Creating a compelling vision
  • Identify what is missing for fulfilling the created vision
  • Distinguish leadership,development and management
  • Distinguish traditional organizational realities, disciplines and practices
  • Establish the elements of thriving realities, disciplines and practices


Alignment by Design Sessions (Application Level)

  • Establish alignment and ownership of the organizational vision
  • Create a charter of how the group will work together to fulfill the vision
  • Design projects to fulfill on the co-created charter
  • Establish collaboration and communication channels to integrate the functions and leverage existing resources
  • Design and commit to action plans to launch the initiatives


Breakthrough Project Workshops (Execution Level)

  • Identify projects to fulfill the initiatives
  • Design pathways for the fulfillment of the breakthrough projects
  • Establish milestones and timeframes
  • Establish support structures and communication channels to insure momentum
  • Execute the action plans

              " Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis,

                 we  ourselves are...part of the mystery that we are trying to solve."

                 Max Plank, Physicist (1858-1947)

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