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the solution for collaboration and integration

The Alignment by Design Program is a comprehensive program designed for empowering leadership, collaborative communication, and integrated cooperation between departments, teams and individuals. The impact and results of the program are experienced at all levels of the organization and provides a foundation for accelerated growth and unprecedented results with less time and effort expended.

Benefits of the program can be identified and measured for the organization, groups, teams and individuals.

Organizational Benefits

  • Clarity of Vision and Mission
  • Communicated Strategy Objectives
  • Robust and integrated plans and processes
  • Meeting and exceeding corporate revenue objective
  • Strong, flexible and resilient workforce


Team/Group Benefits

  • Reduced meeting time with accelerated output
  • Skills for virtual teaming in response to needs
  • Ability to translate the organizational vision into real time measurable results
  • Increased velocity in producing results and leveraging the accomplishments
  • Elimination of the "them/us" context establishing trust and partnershipbetween groups, departments and teams


Benefits for Individuals

  • Ability to resolve conflict and maintain strong, productive relationships
  • Alignment of commitments establishing work/life balance
  • Personal growth and development providing greater confidence
  • Ability to respond to unexpected circumstances with ease
  • Increased ability to produce results with less stress and effort

An International Consumer Products Company utilizing Alignment by Design Program

This consumer products company had just been acquired by a larger organization. The company was historically number two or three in it's market and senior leadership was a "revolving door". Executives were moved about every 18 months from division to division. In three sessions of three days each, the CEO of this company and his direct reports accomplished the following.

Formulated a vision for the organization. Designed their roles and the relationship of accountabilities allowing for clear expectations regarding performance and cross-functional deliverables. Established communication forums that demonstrated to the organization that the executives were working n alignment with one another.


  • Achieved sales results 10% above the company target
  •  Brought a breakthrough product to market while reducing their average product development cycle by one year
  • Fifty patents were awarded to the product and it's development process
  •  Created the first genuine cross-functional product development division in the company's history.