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The Art of Leading Change

Breakthrough project workshop

Producing Results beyond predictable

Breakthrough refers to a distinct phenomenon. There is a result (or set of results) that are well beyond what is predictable based on past performance, even highly successful past performance. The result is committed to in advance, at a time when such a commitment looks well beyond what is reasonable. A breakthrough is discontinuous with the past, you don't already know how to accomplish it, and accomplishing it makes a lasting contribution to the organization or shared project objectives.

Breakthroughs are designed from the future by envisioning the desired outcomes with specifics and a completion date. Our workshops are conducted with new or intact groups/teams desiring to execute on ambitious objectives. Aligning with the vision and mission of the organization, breakthrough results are identified and action plans are designed. Accountability is established with partners and resources identified. The group/team leaves the workshop in action with clear lines of communication having been established to insure the completion of the projects.

Methodology for resolving breakdowns, overcoming obstacles and adjusting to rapidly changing objectives is included. Utilizing the communication tools presented , the action plans are fluid and change amenable to capturing emerging synergies and leveraging resources.

Outcomes Include

  • Being in action and staying in action
  • Increased teamwork and a "we can do this" attitude
  • Confidence in overcoming obstacles and engaging needed support
  • Improved communication and ability to quickly resolve conflicts
  • Distinguishing results from activities to work smarter not harder
  • ​Clear lines of accountability and shared commitment to producing the results

​Support structures are designed to sustain implementation of what gets created in the sessions. Respect and appreciation for how the differences contribute to the whole dissolves past conflicts.

​Results produced are celebrated and established as the new floor upon which participants design their next recursion of breakthrough outcomes as they share and contribute what they have learned to their co-workers.