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EPRI Electric Power Research Institute

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SCVi Charter School

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Stillwater Mining Company

United States Postal Service

University of Colorado

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Velocy's Energy

WMC Resources, Ltd.

Wells Fargo Bank

​Whistle Communications


"Sharon's ability to look at things from different perspectives is huge. This helped me to be more objective to viewing issues in the company. Her approach is totally different and much more effective than other programs. There is a great emphasis on accountability which creates more permanent improvements. She is very available and flexile for follow up and her candid interaction is always on target. Sharon Sinclair loves, believes in and is passionate about her work"  Mr. C.H. Vice President of an information technology company

"I have had extensive exposure to Sharon Sinclair's work, both in Strategic Design sessions and in Leadership Coaches Training. In all cases the results were dramatic. In one Strategic Design Workshop, there was such bad blood between two different groups that needed to work together that we all expected blood on the floor. But in a short time, she enabled them to focus on common goals and to produce incredible results. She has also been great in introducing coaching as a tool of leadership (in her coaching training program). This program has proven to be very effective and powerful. I am more than happy to speak with anyone interested about the great work that Sharon Sinclair is doing. What a brilliant lady." Mr. J.B., Vice President of a Fortune 500 telecommunications company

"I have known and worked Sharon Sinclair for ten years. I originally knew her through a leadership training program during which time, she also did one-on-one coaching with me. She was instrumental in guiding us and tailoring the work to our specific needs. During this time and ensuing years, I was looking for breakthrough objectives and Sharon put me on the path to effectively achieve them. Over this time period, my group (with me acting as Vice President) has gone from $30 million in yearly sales to over $180 million a year. I have continued to use Sharon as my personal coach for various purposes, including several critical situations. The tools she has given me I use on a daily basis. She has also given me insights into my management style as well as the style of others that I work with. This has enabled me to be a very effective manager and leader. Over the years I have recommended Sharon to many associates and friends." Mr. J.N. Vice President of an environmental group of a $5 billion international chemical company

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The Art of Leading Change