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Our clients are organizations committed to excellence, growth and extraordinary results. They seek to transcend beyond their current levels of operation and produce results that are lasting not fleeting and that will change the organization's way of thinking, executing and excelling on a daily basis.

To accomplish that and establish a Thriving Organization requires a long term commitment that encompasses all levels of the enterprise. A one to three year engagement depending on the size and geographic locations of operations is generally sufficient to shift the organization and set the foundation for the new culture to thrive.

The engagements are customized and responsive to the emerging needs of the organization. As an example the elements below provide a general flow of what could be included.

CEO and Executive Leadership Team Sponsorship

We conduct interviews to determine the purpose, intention and commitment of the leadership team. This is followed by a group meeting that introduces the Organizational Integrated Model for establishing the foundation and scope for the change effort. The leadership team will identify members from their direct reports to form a multi-disciplinary implementation team.

​Implementation Team Session

We will conduct an intensive session with the team members for training in how to implement the Organizational Integrated Model. The team will establish an articulation of the overarching vision for all levels of the organization and design communication channels through the relationship of interdependent accountabilities. A relational map of results will be produced and key stakeholders and leaders within the organization to champion the new efforts will be identified. 

Launch of the Company Wide Initiative

The CEO and/or President of the company will announce the initiative. The Executive Leadership team begins promotion of the initiative demonstrating that Leadership is on the same page. The Implementation Team members announce the connection between the large scale initiative and the department or divisional scale initiatives to their direct reports. Invitations will be issued to key stakeholders within the organization to champion the new efforts and those accepting the invitations form the Champions Team.

Champion Team Training Session

This will be a session to translate the results to be produced into an integrated action plan sufficient to give momentum to the initiative. The Champion Team will create an integrated map of groups and teams currently critical to the success of the initiative and identify any missing groups and teams that are needed to support the initiative.  Alignment by Design Sessions will be offered to those groups and teams.  This Champion Team will create mission critical objectives that integrate the results, leverage the accomplishments and establish organic and recursive growth for the organization.

Alignment by Design Sessions

 Sessions will be conducted with existing and newly formulated teams that are topic specific (sales teams, marketing, HR, IT, finance). A Champion Team member will present the overview of how what they are doing fits into the larger organizational initiative. Teams leave the sessions with a clear overview of the implementation plans for the organization. They will design their team scale action plans to fulfill on their part of the initiative and leave the session in action having begun the execution of the initiative.

Ongoing Support

We can participate in Executive Leadership Team meetings providing additional expansion of the model for Thriving Organizations and consistency in keeping the environment open to establishing the new ways of thinking and operating. 

Our engagement can include participation in by-weekly conference calls with the Implementation Team to assess progress and support in resolving any breakdowns. Bi-monthly one day meetings with the Champions Team to coordinate the results that are being produced and facilitate the expansion of the new possibilities that are emerging. We will also identify and connect coaching opportunities for the Alignment by Design teams with appropriate members of the Executive Leadership Team, Champions Team and Implementation Team. Options that may facilitate establishing a Thriving Organization will be evaluated as we go and could include participation in theLeadership Excellence Program,Leadership Coaches Trainingor targeted Breakthrough Project Workshops.

Initiative Replication for Multi-National and International Organizations

Executive Leadership Teams, Champions Teams, Implementation Teams, Alignment by Design Sessions, Leadership Excellence and Leadership Coaches Training will be made available as required by the organizational structure to integrate the Thriving Organizational Model globally. All operations will operate as an integrated whole where differences in cultures becomes the source of contribution rather than the source of conflict.

Pricing and length of the engagement are determined by the size and geography of the organization. 

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