Synergy and Leverage consulting

The Art of Leading Change



Coaching and empowering the commitments of others produces results beyond what traditional management would think to ask of people. By learning the distinctions of the different models of coaching leaders and managers have access to providing the appropriate and most empowering response in all situations.

Awareness of your preferred coaching model and of the range of models available allows timely and coordinated action. Knowing when and where to bring forth Mentor, Expert, Facilitator or Generative coaching will be determined by the situations you encounter and you will be facile with all of the models.

The Leadership Coaches Training Program consists of three two day sessions conducted with employees who have leadership and management accountability. The sessions are spaced over a six to nine month period of time with coaching available between sessions. 

Participants will put what they are learning to work between sessions. They expand results produced and their ability to produce results through others. The program instructs participants in the thinking models for Thriving Organizations and equips them to introduce these leading edge elements of effective organizational change into daily practices. As they introduce new ways of thinking, communicating and empowering others, greater collaboration and partnership begins to emerge. Results are increased and improved with less effort and greater employee satisfaction.

Program Includes

  • Leadership development that is highlighted and accelerated
  • How to be an in-house resource for the development and sustainability of breakthrough projects
  • Access to establishing interrelated communication channels between the various levels of management
  • Coaches learn how to establish and maintain trust, appreciation and partnerships throughout the                     organization              

​Employees trained as leadership coaches not only exponentially increase their own personal performance, they multiply the results of the program with everyone they manage and engage with, making a lasting contribution to their organization.