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leadership excellence program


Synergy and Leverage's Leadership Excellence program is for senior and high potential leaders with significant responsibility. Over a period of approximately one year, individuals or teams from your organization develop their leadership expertise in action. Executives and Senior Managers have delivered results ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars through projects undertaken during the program.

Leaders participating in this program will master the elements of our Integrated Organizational Model and develop recursive growth for their organizations while building a lasting pathway to extraordinary success for themselves, their direct reports and their enterprises. 

Who Attends Leadership Excellence

  • High potential talent who have accountability for the implementation of dramatic business and cultural shifts
  • Executives and those who are critical to the company's succession plans
  • Leaders whose current roles require them to lead at new and increasing levels of complexity  

​Leaders learn to think from a future that is not limited by the past. They begin to design change proactively rather than simply reacting to the demands of external forces. Leadership Excellence does not have leaders try to model themselves against certain qualities or attributes, The program has leaders become adept at creating vision and purpose for unprecedented achievement and for creating environments that empower people in the organization to produce quantum shifts in behavior.

Outcomes Reported by Participants

  • Executives report that they are better able to integrate more of their life outside of work with their work life which has them    be at ease with chaos and more confident in the face of uncertainty
  • Business results that are beyond predictable expectations
  • Return on investment from projects undertaken during the program on the order of 5 to 10 times the direct and        opportunity costs of the program                 
  • An ability to continually generate quantum increases in results, and create highly productive relationships, particularly          where relationships have not been positive
  • Insights into the nature of organizational design, culture and what shapes people's actions, which expand the leadership      repertoire
  • Communication skills that call forth cooperation, clarity and committed action generating leadership in other


​Whether your needs are to retain your highest performers, develop your own or other leaders' potential, succession planning, immediate breakthrough results...or as seems to be increasingly common-all of the above, we invite you to incorporate Leadership Excellence into your current development efforts.