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The Art of Leading Change

Mission Critical Leadership Session

​DEsigning the game plan & Creating the Field

The Mission Critical Leadership Session has been designed and is offered to provide assistance for leadership teams to successfully communicate and empower their direct reports to fulfill on the goals and objectives. Often leadership directives are misunderstood and those responsible for application and execution of the plans proceed down unintended pathways.

The design and delivery of the Mission Critical Leadership Session follows a two day format and leaves the leadership team with confidence in leading change regardless of position and authority. 

Outcomes Include

  • Establishing clarity for what is needed to translate the C-level objectives into effective action
  • Appreciation for the importance of their sponsorship of the initiatives
  • Ability to intervene and eliminate the either/or conflicts that can emerge between departments and divisions
  • Alignment of the leadership team to demonstrate being on the same page
  • Keys to coordinated action and collaborative communication through all levels of the organization