Synergy and Leverage consulting

The Art of Leading Change



  • There is an interdependent relationship between realities, disciplines and practices
  • Individuals are different from each other and the most efficient way of working for one person may be                 insufficient for another
  • People are free to think for themselves
  • Accountability is sought and not avoided
  • Everyone is a leader independent of position and authority
  • People come to work committed to contribute and make a difference and everyone's contribution matters
  • Differences are the source of contribution not the source of conflict
  • Leadership, development and management are integral parts of the whole, distinct and not separate
  • You can't establish something without interrupting something 
  • Work on what you want to establish and be responsible for what you are interrupting
  • Elegant design allows for accelerated coordinated action
  • The existing paradigm is not the "truth" it evolved from the Industrial Revolution and became the reality
  • People are freed up to bring their talents and full effectiveness to work