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The Art of Leading Change

Sharon  Sinclair


Sharon Sinclair's twenty-five years of consulting experience encompasses engagements with hundreds of clients in twenty countries. As the owner of Synergy and Leverage Consulting she works with clients to unleash the experience, knowledge and commitment of employees and stakeholders. Sharon has delivered seminars for thousands of people from all over the world and has conducted sessions for diverse groups with conflicting interests resulting in collaboration and trust. She has authored the Integrated Life Models for Organizations, Teams and Individuals bringing a new approach to developing thriving organizations. 

She holds degrees and certifications in organizational design, business development and coaching and has developed leading edge proprietary methodology for integrating and navigating organizational complexities. 

Her experience includes leading systemic change initiatives for global organizations, leading a series of year long Executive Excellence Programs for hundreds of C-level executives of multiple national and international organizations.and she has mastered The Art of Leading Change.

If you want to learn more about how our services can help you achieve accelerated results, breakthrough outcomes or leadership development please contact Sharon for a conversation to explore the possibilities.

Office: 843 588-6031