Synergy and Leverage consulting

The Art of Leading Change



Our method is to work with existing situations and circumstances on behalf of a co-created vision and desired future. The immediate application of our model produces results that self-generate the desire to continue expanding the new ways of thinking and communicating. Organic growth of the new practices takes on a life of its own within the organization and transfer of the model becomes part of the fabric of how people work together.The multidimensional nature of our methods provides a holistic approach to learning. The focus is on results that are sustainable, rather than results at any costs or short term results at the expense of a long term future.

We acknowledge the commitment of people to contribute and make a difference and they offer and contribute more than you would ever think to ask them for. The hands on real time learning and immediate application frees people to communicate in new ways and think beyond the restrictions and constraints of past experience. They are encouraged and empowered to bring their full intelligence and experience to work. 

As new ways of thinking, communicating and collaborating are put into practice the thriving culture emerges. The environment demonstrates cooperation and any problems, breakdowns or challenges that emerge are resolved quickly in communication, trust and partnership. The traditional organizational phenomena described as "search for the guilty, punish the innocent and promote the uninvolved that kicks in when there is a problem becomes a thing of the past.   

A Thriving Organization exists beyond and independent from what has gone before. Therefore, our methods establish and clarify the elements for fulfilling on the desired futures.