Synergy and Leverage consulting

The Art of Leading Change


The Integrated Organizational Model is designed to establish the new paradigm

To go beyond, exceed, surpass and exist above and independent from the existing and historical/traditional organizational paradigm.  We have established the elements of the Integrated Organizational Model to provide access to accomplishing this feat.

The Model acts as a dashboard to evaluate the existing elements of organizational design and works to establish the element that effortlessly interrupts what has kept and keeps your organization from reaching new heights.

Working with existing circumstances, options and interpretations which give rise to the current organizational realities, we reset the organizational realities to welcome and respond to the emergent dynamics of purpose, intention and created futures.

The traditional organizational disciplines of position and authority, point-of-view and control give way to the interdependent aspects of ,management, leadership and development. The new organizational disciplines eliminate the either/or debates between leaderships new ideas and management constraints on how things have to be done. Bringing development out of the shadows becomes the bridge to executing on new ideas from leadership and handing off to management what is required to stabilize the new floor for recursive growth and opportunities.

Organizational practices of analyzing competency and skills, spending weeks, months and sometimes years to determine a strategy that is repeatedly revised or reevaluated resulting in plans and processes that are often poorly executed or outdated prior to execution becomes a thing of the past. The new practices are based in accountability, responsibility and collaboration. The flexibility and maximization of resources, skills and talent of the workforce takes the emergent possibilities beyond the scale of what is predictable and into real time results that exceed what anyone would traditionally expect.

The Integrated Organizational Model provides x-ray vision into the complexities of organizational design and provides a clear road map for navigating those complexities. Clarity is provided for being able to see what establishes organizational disciplines and how they determine organizational practices. This streamlines the planning process and brings certainty to the organization.

Being able to see into the relationship of how your organizational practices both secures the disciplines and informs the realities integrates your organization to operate as an inclusive whole rather than in silos, or disparate and sometimes warring factions.

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