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The Art of Leading Change

 the new paradigm 

Thriving organizations and individuals

Establishing the new paradigm of Thriving Organizations and individuals displaces and transcends the Traditional paradigm given to us by the Industrial Revolution. The new paradigm of Thriving Organizations engages people at their best and results in Thriving Individuals. It is an integrated approach that honors who people are, the commitments that we share and focuses on the desired future to be created together. The principles and distinguishing characteristics of a Thriving Organization appreciates the past for providing the floor from which to step out and cause the desired changes to create new futures.  

The possibilities of a Thriving Organization are unlimited. As people are freed up to bring their talents, skills and commitments to the foreground of working together innovation and creativity flourishes and is rapidly translated into action producing real time results.The results produced naturally become the new floor upon which you stand to see the next level of an evolving future. 

The collaborative working relationships provide a role for everyone to be a leader and taking on the mantle of leadership in response to what your skills and talents are suited for as initiatives and projects evolve and expand. The collaboration of key stakeholders is established by distinguishing leadership as the required accountabilities to fulfill on the initiatives and allows for maximum utilization of resources and elimination of redundancies. As you eliminate redundancies and the focus is shifted to the shared commitments and results to be produced communication is coordinated and resources are leveraged for the best possible outcomes. 

There is a migration to being results oriented and this provides an environment to work together to discover and/or invent the most effective way to approach the situations at hand. You are no longer obligated to do things the ways in which they have always been done and innovation is a naturally occurring outcome of this new way of engaging together. 

The dread of meetings that produce more meetings to talk endlessly about the same issues is replaced by effective and productive conversations resulting in coordinated action. Having to defend your point-of-view and argue your positions gives way to being listened to and appreciated for what you have to contribute. Conflicts of personalities are superseded by relating to one another's commitments and finding common ground. The ability to work effectively and empower others around you to do the same is expanded exponentially. The dysfunction that resulted from the old paradigm of Traditional Organizations gives way to the functional, healthy and enjoyable work experience of a Thriving Organization. 

A Thriving Organization brings life to created futures and displaces the focus and attention that has been historically placed on circumstances.Actions are shaped by the future and informed by the past rather than the Traditional Organizational model which has actions being shaped by the past and informed by short term objectives. 

Executive leadership is appreciated for the design of the overall organizational perspective and everyone finds their role in doing their jobs inside of a larger and more coherent context. Being able to see where your contribution fits in fulfilling on the co-created vision of the company brings new life to doing the day to day work and greater pride is taken in doing what may have been previously considered the smallest thing. Everyone recognizes the inter-relatedness of everyone's efforts in creating the whole and there are no small things to be done. Everything matters and everyone is important.

You can never change the Traditional Organizational paradigm by working within it, you change by starting something new that rises above and displaces it. Establishing the principles of a Thriving Organization accomplishes that task and provides a whole new worldview of accountability, responsibility and collaboration. 

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