Synergy and Leverage consulting

The Art of Leading Change



We remodel your organizational structures to maximize opportunities and establish a design for recursive growth making extraordinary results the norm and providing a distinct business advantage.

By establishing a new choice point where leadership, management and development are the backbone of organizational disciplines, the current conflicts which are a result of the old traditional model keeping the organizational resources locked into an either/or battle are replaced by integrated, collaborative teaming which not only produces results but increased effectiveness with less stress and frustration.

Implementation of the new Thriving Organizational Model results in realized integrity as everyone relates like their word matters to themselves and each other. The elimination of silos and internal conflicts creates effective pathways for fulfilling commitments and concerns. Integrated realities, disciplines and practices throughout the organization are established and everyone is clear on their own and each other's contribution to the success of the organization. The expanded capacity for people to manage multiple conversations, projects and commitments facilitates meeting or exceeding deadlines with ease and effectiveness rather than frustration and overwhelm. Sales people empower and expand the contribution to customers and clients making the sales force trusted advisers and reliable business partners. The company experiences accelerated growth, effortless alignment and expanded participation with initiatives and projects.

As an environment of trust, transparent communication and appreciation for differences as the source of contribution rather than the source of conflict becomes the norm new possibilities become the new realities on an ongoing basis. There will be dramatic increases in employee retention, satisfaction and well being as the reduction in lost time accidents and illnesses is realized. 

Leadership is learned and developed at all levels through accountability, responsibility and collaboration.Teams are organized and function around shared purpose while expanding existing possibilities. They become consistent in producing reliable results and laying a solid foundation for organizational accomplishments. Honor and dignity is expressed in all relationships as trust and collaboration forms the 

foundation of the corporate culture.