Synergy and Leverage consulting

The Art of Leading Change

the new paradigm 

A breakthrough for organizations and individuals

Customized systemic change engagements that encompass all aspects of your organization. The systemic change engagement incorporates the Integrated Life models at the scale of individual, team and organization resulting in organizations that are profitable, sustainable, life supporting and experiencing organic growth. 

Establishing the principles and practices of the new paradigm interrupts the outdated and bankrupt principles and practices we inherited from the Frederick Taylor model. The systemic change engagements will address and positively impact the work place, the business world, the difference you make and the quality of life for everyone involved.

A Preview Through The Lens of The New Paradigm:

Have you ever seen the future?  You Will.

The Work Place: Have you ever had the opportunity to design the job you have in your company so that it will be a fulfillment of your dreams, or had the sense that the people with whom you work are committed to your success and that you can trust them with your life, or known that everyone in your company knows exactly how special you are and admires you for the extraordinary work that you do?  You will.

The Business World: Have you ever had the sense that all the companies that offer you services and products are authentically committed to serve you, or been able to pick vendors only by reading their declared vision and commitments, knowing and trusting that what you read is what you will get, or had no competitors in the market, only companies that take on fulfilling parts of your vision so that you can move forward? You will

 The Difference You Make: Have you ever seen the full impact and difference that you and your company are making in people's lives and been able to own how magnificent you and your colleagues are, or been a member of a company that made a difference in all the aspects of life (social, environmental, etc.) that are important to you, or lived in a world in which all businesses were ethical and socially responsible? You will

The Quality of Your Life: ​Have you ever been able to make all the money and the difference that you want while doing only that which makes your soul sing, lights up your life and is effortless, or found ways to work as hard and as long as you want without sacrificing anything in any other area of your life (family, friends, fun, etc.),or woke up every morning knowing that this whole world was designed especially for you to enjoy and express yourself fully for the rest of your life? You will.

And What Will Make it Possible is The New Paradigm for Thriving Organizations and Individuals